Started in September, 2001 this National award winning choir has been singing up a storm at several venues throughout the lower mainland. From Christmas concerts, charity events to festivals and even coffee houses this versatile choir can sing anywhere.

Their repertoire varies from chamber music, African rhythms, gospel, folk songs to whatever else catches their fancy. Always up for a challenge they have created their own arrangements for some of their favorite songs.

The talented people that are in this choir come from all walks of life. Their only common bond being the music and the love of singing. Never afraid to try something new and always ready to expand their abilities.

JoyVox was selected to receive an Arts and Culture Service Award for 2012 in recognition of its contribution to and fundraising efforts on behalf of a variety of charities and non-profit associations in the community.

New members are always welcome at the beginning of seasons. Rehearsals are held in Matsqui Village on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

Voce Destino

Established in 2009, Voce Destino is an audition women's choir selected from current members of JoyVox. They have also received awards at a National level.